1. Training of Professional Medical Service Manpower

    We will answer society's urgent need for better medical quality by strengthening the formative training of medical service personnel in the fields of medical technology and biotechnology, biomedical imaging and radiological sciences, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and psychological counseling, diagnosis, and treatment.

  2. Training of Professional Health Service System Manpower

    To benefit citizens and affect a highly efficient health care and insurance system, we are strengthening training for healthcare professionals in our departments of Public Health and Medical Information Management, as well as in the Graduate Institute of Health Care Administration.

  3. Training of Professional Social Welfare System Manpower

    We are actively developing a Graduate Institute of Occupational Health and Safety, training industrial safety technicians, and helping make the workplace safer.

  4. Promotion of Interdepartmental Integration of Technology

    We are integrating technology courses in different areas of study, relying on research planning, and hiring new staff to integrate technological research and achieve a more extensive range of knowledge.

  5. Strengthening International Academic Exchange

    Our Graduate Institute of Occupational Safety and Health as well as Healthcare Administration, and Departments of Occupational Therapy currently have academic cooperation and exchange arrangements with universities in the United States (such as Harvard University, University of Indianapolis, Virginia Commonwealth University) and in Australia (such as Deakin University). We will continue to strengthen ties with international academic organizations and promote exchanges involving training and research. We believe this will enhance our research capabilities and raise our academic profile.

  6. Promotion of in-Service Education and Training

    We have responded to society's widespread need for professional knowledge by offering extension classes in biostatistics and in-service classes in medical service management. We are ready to meet the need for continuing education in the age of knowledge.

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